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"This will be a good addition to the etude repertoire and focuses on essential and often neglected skills." -- William VerMuelen

There aren't many etude books that focus on this mushiest of registers.

We all spend uncountable hours learning how to play high notes and low notes. Then, a solo like the one from Pictures at an Exhibition comes along, and we can't play it with that wonderful ringing tone that would be so easy if only the thing were written an octave up.

Most players have at least one register break. For some, it hovers around F below middle C. For others, it sits around Bb, or C, or D. Many players have more than one break. No matter your situation, these etudes will force you to shift over and over until you master the art of traveling across your break.

These etudes are written in a melodic, espressivo style, using a contemporary musical language. I have tried to hit every possible troublesome or vexatious issue in the middle register. If the etudes drive you nuts, I've accomplished my goal.

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Composers are writing more and more music involving quarter tones. If you have ever played the Ligeti Trio or the Hamburg Concerto, you have experienced both the fantastic sounds and the difficulties of quarter tones.

This book contains explanations, a full notational system with suggestions for composers, fingering charts, and 17 etudes, ranging from fairly easy to extremely difficult. If you master this book, you will be prepared for any quarter tone playing a composer sends your way.