Library of Clips

I will be posting clips of improvisations and pieces I create using Ableton Live on this page. I got started on May 22, 2013, sitting in my bedroom with all the electronics set up, and have been posting stuff I come up with and like. Some clips begin or end abruptly - there is no post-production editing.

Here's my equipment. I have been tweaking, revising, buying new stuff, and figuring out what I need.
MacBook Pro
Ableton Live 9 augmented with Komplete (with heavy use of Guitar Rig)
Behringer FCB1010 pedal system
Applied Microphone Technology P808-5C wireless microphone
Yamaha Silent Brass

The effects in Ableton will completely transform the sound of the horn. Here, the horn sounds like a reedy instrument in an echo chamber, playing a Muezzin's call to prayer.

Here's one I'm calling Raga. Bass line is a doubled loop with octave doubler to create a drone. Melody is with Lead effect on Ableton's amp.

I have a band called Gretzler with my colleague Mark Hetzler, trombone professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We had our first concert this winter, and, though we rehearsed a bunch of pieces, we decided at the concert to just go out there and improvise instead. It was liberating! Here's one of our tunes, which I'm calling Ophelia's Song (for no good reason).
Ophelia's Song

It is a melancholy day, with rain on and off. This piece uses only a delay from Ableton, and the great sound of the AMT mic is evident.

My friend Mike Atkinson did some sound processing using a Yamaha Silent Brass practice mute as a mic. There is no acoustic sound in the mix. I recorded this improv with that setup: mute/mic into wahwah pedal, then into Ableton and processed with reverb and slow chorus. The tune itself has (I think) a kind of Civil War vibe to it.
Civil War

Here's an experiment with playing in the extreme upper register, to the point that the notes slip and slide. There's a flange and some reverb on here, and a little boost from the octave doubler (which is not doubling anything but has some drive built in).

A march of sorts.

Not sure how to describe the character of this one. It seems different from elation, which would be cloud 9, so I called it Cloud 10.
Cloud 10

I invented an instrument called the noreba (the name is a long story). It's an Indian shanai with a horn mouthpiece. Here's a little solo played on the electronic noreba.

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